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    Originally from the United States, I'm currently based in Colombia in the heart of the coffee region. When I'm not developing I enjoy watching soccer, playing tennis, and just enjoying a simple life doing what I truly love to do in a wonderful place.

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    A few years ago, I was working the United States in a small town in Washington state called Richland. I eventually hit a rut. I had accomplished everything that I wanted and decided to get rid of all my things, rent my house, explore the world, and become location independent. For more info on that, if you wish you can check out my travel blog, Steps of a Traveler, which I made as part of my Travel Blog Wave project.

  • whatshotDevelopment

    At my job in the U.S. I mostly did analysis, database development, and business process management. After 5 years of telling my managers that I wanted to get more into development work, I took matters into my own hands. After being confined to the Microsoft universe, I quickly found the beauty of open source. It was like opening your eyes to a whole new world.

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    Django Django Rest Framework Ember.js Angular Ionic Bootstrap Materialize Being Awesome AWS Heroku Public APIs Private APIs Linked

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    There are so many developers out there, you might be wondering what makes me special? Coming from a business background, I get it. I understand both sides. My favorite projects are Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups. I've completed 5 MVPs now and for me those are by far the most exciting. I'm learning every day, love challenges, learning new technologies, and have a nack for being damn good at whatever I do.

My Projects


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Greatly improves accounting processes for property managers and property owners that use the Xero accounting system. The project focuses on streamlining previously tedious manual tasks such as moving transaction data into Xero and creating invoice bills for each client.

django drf react heroku xero-api bootstrap
Frontier Signalmore_vert

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Frontier Signalclose

Match job applicants to company exemplars to find the employee you're really looking for. Frontier signal uses a sophisticated survey approach and displays applicants through a unique 5-point matching system.

django angular heroku
Joe Mobile Coffeemore_vert

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Joe Mobile Coffeeclose

This project allows people to order coffee from their phones and have it be ready for pickup. It currently has a react merchant web application, react native merchant mobile app, ionic consumer application and Django Rest API. The work I've done here is project managment, DRF API, Ionic mobile app, and a previous version of merchant web application in ember.js

DRF API react.js ionic ember.js react native
Vested Yetimore_vert

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Vested Yeticlose

Vested Yeti is a Chrome extension that lets you save, share, and comment on web pages, as you browse. I started out working with a consultancy doing react.js work for this project, but the consultancy dissolved and I ended up taking over everything including project management, Django Rest API, react.js webapp, react.js chrome extension, and a react native mobile app

DRF API react.js chrome extension react native
Real Life Globalmore_vert


Real Life Globalclose

I worked with RLG for about a year as their CTO working with designers and another developer to build out their MVP, which is a social platform for English learners. They already had a large audience and they were looking to build out a tool to better the experience for their audience. The biggest accomplishment was connecting our users through real-time messaging and video chat.

Django API Ember.js AWS Firebase WebRTC



Buttercast makes life easy for podcast owners. They have proprietary audio enhancement software and a great application to manage, publish and streamline your podcasts. My role in this project was to build their API using Django Rest Framework.

Django Rest Framework AWS RSS Feeds
Shift Messengermore_vert


Shift Messengerclose

Shift Messenger is an application used by retailers for employees to switch shifts and keep managers in the loop. What I did with them is allow users to connect their gmail account through oauth2 and parse and store their scheduling emails, which can then be used to automate the process of updating their calendar.

Django Gmail API Google Auth



Catalogue of Scientists and their research. With this project I helped a lot with the user management system for a user to create or claim their profile, as well as a significant refactor of their project to keep it up to the standards of Django.

Django AWS Bootstrap

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