I decided for my next technology, I wanted to learn one of the front-end Javascript frameworks. The options that I considered were Ember, Angular and Backbone, and I ultimately chose AngularJS based on the fact that it is the most widely used and has the biggest community of those three options.

First of all, I think it's cool. It's just cool. The way that everything is built with javascript and everything happens on the client-side is revolutionary for the web. Creating webapps that behave more like mobile apps rather than websites is something that is changing the web, and will continue to change throughout the upcoming years.

Separating out into modules is something that the first couple video tutorials didn't teach me. I learned the basics about how you have your app, controllers, views, and most of the tutorials understandably use hardcoded JSON data.

I then found out about Yeoman, which is the suggested tool to create AngularJS projects, according to the founder and I believe the vast majority of the community. Yeoman helps to create the structure as well as take care of the tasks that can be automated. It is coupled with Bower and Grunt which also do similar things, and apparently the three combined are the best tool out there for creating Angular projects.

My first project that I'm going to be creating with Angular is a test/fake project that is used to track customers and orders. Maybe later I will integrate an internal app into Azul Cloud to do something similar with real data? Sounds good to me!